Eddies Perfume - 1986

EP Fragrances - 2016

Eddies Perfume has been a family run business for 30 years.  From

humble beginnings in a small retail shop in Los Angeles, we’ve

quickly grown into one of the largest fragrance distributors on the

West Coast.


We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with 100%

authentic designer fragrances, as well as smaller niche and

specialty brands.  We strive to offer the lowest prices,

along with impeccable customer service.  With free local deliveries,

same day shipping on most orders, and small minimums, we make

it easy for you to source the best products at the best prices.


With an eye to the future, and with ever expanding

growth, Eddies Perfume has transitioned into EP Fragrances.

Our company continues to grow, while still retaining the core

values that have helped build thousands of great business

partnerships since 1986.


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